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Nursing Program: Article Databases

Where Do I Find Articles?

Articles (full text, abstracts, and citations) are found in databases. If you know the name of a database you need to use, go to the SMSU Library homepage and find the complete listing of databases (A to Z Database List) under the Research Help heading.

Watch the video about Accessing Databases Off-Campus for a visual walk-through.

Nursing-related Databases

The following databases are most pertinent to nursing-related research topics:

Video - Accessing Databases Off-Campus

After starting the video, click the full-screen option in the lower right-hand corner to enlarge this video clip.

Additional Databases

In addition to the nursing-related databases listed in the adjacent column, there are areas of research related to nursing, healthcare, and management that would be indexed in the following databases:

Video Transcripts

If you are unable to view the video on this page, here is the transcript: