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THTR 100: Plays and Playwrights (S. Tabaka): Assignment #2


  • Due: March 4, 2018 by 12M.
  • Don't cite Wikipedia!
  • Always italicize the name of the play.
  • Directors and actors are not your friends:  respectfully address them as "Mr." or "Ms.".


Print Reference Resources

A great place to start your research is in Reference Books. These are kept on the Main floor of the SMSU McFarland Library and are for in-house use only. A Reference Librarian is available to assist you in finding and using the resources during most hours the library is open.

Assignment #2: Opening Night

This is a long, but not difficult assignment.  It is compromised of small events that, when put together, give you an overview of your show on opening night.

  1. List opening night date and year.
  2. List the original cast, director, and designers. Principles only.
  3. Submit a photo of the theatre that housed the original production.
  4. Find an advertisement or poster from the original production with the price of a ticket.  It must be from the original theatre production, not a revivial or a movie!!  Attach the picture to the assignment.
  5. Cite 5 other plays being performed at the same time as your production.  Cite your source.
  6. Create a listing of the history of your theatre.  Cite previous owners, the person or people it is named after and why and/or how the name was chosen and, of course, other shows performed there, as well as any stories you may have found or any other interesting tidbits.
  7. What's happenin'?  Is there a play or musical being performed in your theatre's space right now?  What is it?  Who's in it?  When does it run?

                                Do not cut and paste!  No hyperlinks!


Pay attention!

Be sure you are looking at the opening of the theatrical production and not a movie!

These databases (and these specific websites) are particularly helpful: