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Education Administration: Off-Campus Access

Authentication Icon

Anywhere on the Library web site where you see the following icon (it looks like a lock), you will need to log into our Proxy server. This is our way of knowing you are an SMSU student and should be accessing the resource. We pay big bucks for some of the databases, and our licensing requirements only allow our students, faculty, and staff to access them.


You are able to use your StarID login information to access library resources. You can use this to log into our Proxy server to access databases from off-campus and to request materials via Interlibrary Loan.


What is a barcode?
A barcode number is used in our library system to identify our students, faculty and staff. It functions similar to the StarID you use to log into eServices, D2L, etc., but is a special number designed for Library access and services. Barcodes are 14-digits long and SMSU's begin 20103...  If you have been using a barcode number, you can continue to do so, or you could use the StarID to log into library resources.

Do you have your barcode number?
If you had a Mustang ID printed, it will be on the back of that. If you don't have a Mustang ID card, you may have received your barcode number in a letter.  If you can't find/don't know your barcode, try using your StarID to log in or contact a Librarian about your barcode number. You can reach us via chat, email, phone, or text!

Do you know the password associated with your barcode?

Your default password is set to be your last name. You do have the option to change it, but few students choose to do that.  If you have a last name that is two words, those words will most likely be run together in the system. E.g., Van Overbeke will usually run together as Vanoverbeke, but some come through the system as Van. Same situation for those with hyphenated last names. Usually it will come through with the hyphen, but you may need to try a few variations. If you have difficulty, please contact us.

Ask a Librarian

If an SMSU Librarian isn't available via chat right now, please email
or call