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ENG 151: Academic Writing: OneSearch

OneSearch -What? Why?

What is OneSearch?
OneSearch is a "Google-like" tool that searches the SMSU Library Catalog (MnPALS - where we tell you what books, videos, ebooks, etc. we own) and most of our library databases (we subscribe to about 60 and they index articles from journals, magazines, newspapers, etc.) all at once.

Why Use OneSearch?
It's a great starting point when you're not familiar with individual databases that are most applicable for your topic. You can start from a basic search box and search across a variety of materials. It's not intended to be the "end all" for research, but rather a place to begin your research process.

Books & More

This video clip walks through the Books & More side of OneSearch results.

OneSearch - Articles & More Facets

Watch this video clip to learn about ways to narrow your results in OneSearch using the facets/limiters available.

OneSearch - Articles & More Example Search

Watch this video clip to walk through an example search - ways to limit and review search results.