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Bridge Program: Find Statutes

This guide has information that will show you how to find a crime report in a newspaper, and also show you where to look for statutes.

Statutes - Start Here

Use this website to get to the Minnesota Statutes.

Search Hint

Keep your search terms in mind; the newspaper may use different terminology than the law.

Step #1

In the box on the right labeled Resources, click on the link 2019 Statutes Topics (Index).

Step #2

In the search box, type in your crime--for example burglary.

Step #3

When you click the link to burglary, it will take you to a list of statutes that cover burglary (1st degree, 2nd degree, 3rd degree, etc.). You will need to check the newspaper article that you found to see what the person was charged with, then match it to one of the options in that statute.