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SIFT: Evaluating Sources Online: Resources for Instructors

SIFT Tutorial

These tutorials were developed from Mike Caulfield's "Check, Please!" SIFT course, and have been adapted for SMSU students. All students enrolled in LEP 101 since Fall 2020 have been asked to take these tutorials.


Additional Exercises to Practice SIFT

Below you'll find a number of exercises you can use in your classroom to reinforce the habits of SIFT. 

Each of these rely on the use of a "notebook" model, in which students keep a record of their responses and activities in a standardized way. You can find a suggestion for how to assign and describe notebook activities on this page in the "Setting up a 'Notebook'" box. 

You can also adapt these exercises to guide in-class discussions or other activities that make sense in your instructional spaces.

Feel free to contact any of the librarians ( with any questions! 

Political Bias

Further Reading


Note: This SIFT method guide was adapted from Michael Caulfield's "Check, Please!" course. The canonical version of this course exists at The text and media of this site, where possible, is released into the CC-BY, and free for reuse and revision. We ask people copying this course to leave this note intact, so that students and teachers can find their way back to the original (periodically updated) version if necessary. We also ask librarians and reporters to consider linking to the canonical version.

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