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ED 622: Research in Education: Cite in APA Format

Student Learning Outcome

Information Has Value

      SLO: Students will be able to acknowledge words and ideas of others through proper attribution and citation.

APA Citations

Citing is an important piece of the research and writing process. There are many "helpers" in place to ease your work in this area.

See Hints 1-4 for more details!

Video Transcript

If you are unable to view the video, here is the transcript:

Hint #1

Take advantage of the citation shortcuts in the databases and OneSearch. Not sure what those are? Watch this short video clip demonstrating where to find the shortcuts in a number of our databases and the online catalog.  After starting the video, you can enlarge it by using the icon in the lower right hand corner.


  • Review citations carefully; not all databases are up to date with APA 7 formatting. 
  • The Educator's Reference Complete database in the video is no longer available as of July 2020. 

Writing Center

Writing Center logo

Take advantage of SMSU's Writing Center. It's housed on the 5th floor of the Library, but is also accessible online! This is a free service for SMSU students. Click the logo for more information.

Hint #2

Some bad news...the citation shortcuts found in the databases aren't always accurate. Bummer, we know! But they are a great starting point and there are additional tools for you to use to double-check their accuracy. (BTW, the citations are usually pretty close, but often have too much capitalization in them!) See Hint #3 for an APA Guide.

Hint #3

To check the formatting, take advantage of one of these online writing labs:

Hint #4

If you're starting a citation from scratch, use a tool such as Knight Cite to assist you.