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Statistics Sources: About Finding Statistics

Things to consider

What are you looking for? 

Who is most likely to collect statistics for that? 

  • Government (federal? local? city or county? state?) 
  • non-governmental organizations (usually international)
  • private sector
  • academic institutions
  • scholars

Where are those numbers most likely to be disseminated? 

  • gov't website
  • articles:  newspaper, magazine, or scholarly
  • books?  it usually takes at least a couple of years to publish a book
  • "the web"

How do you find them?

  • Google can work!  e.g. pets and statistics
    ​but be sure you pay attention to where the statistics are coming from re: reliability, accuracy, etc.
    ​gateway to stats from US govt agencies, not just the Census Bureau (Agriculture Dept, NIH, etc.)
  • American FactFinder
  • paywalls/subscription services

Has someone done an analysis of the numbers?  Written and published a report?
​For example, Minnesota Demographer