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ED 275: Foundations: Parent/Child Relationships: Books

Keywords to Try

You might start with specific keywords for your culture in your MnPALS search, but if you don't have luck - don't give up!

Try using combination of broad terms that fit this assignment such as

family, families (or use the truncation search = famil*)

immigration, immigrant (or the truncated version immigra*)

culture, cultural (or cultur*)

parent, parents, parenting (or parent*)

education, educator, educate, educates (or educat*)

Citation Shortcut

Like the article databases, MnPALS also provides a citation shortcut. When you have a book displayed, you'll see a Cite This option in the upper left above the title.

MnPALS Catalog - searching for Books, Videos, Government Documents

Here is a shortcut to searching the MnPALS catalog.

Sample Books & eBooks

These are examples of books and electronic books that might be useful for your research. Remember, you might only be using a chapter or section  of a book.