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ED 275: Foundations: Parent/Child Relationships: Search Terms

Subject Headings to Consider

As you are searching the online catalog and databases, always take note of the Subjects being used to describe the source you are viewing. This can give you great ideas of terms to use in your next search!  For your project, here are some suggested subject terms to consider:

minority                                family life
ethnic groups                       culture
parents                                 customs
parenting                              acculturation
parent & child                       assimilation
parenting style(s)                  interpersonal relations

families                                "family structure"
community dynamics            kinship

Cultural Terms

For your individual cultural/ethnic groups:

  • Native American = Indians of North America OR American Indian OR specific tribe such as Navajo Indians or Ojibwa Indians
  • Nigeria = Nigerian OR African people OR African American
  • African American = African Americans
  • Madagascar
  • Rwanda OR Hutu (African people) OR Tutsi (African people) OR Burundi OR Africa, Sub-Saharan
  • Hispanic/Latino = Hispanic Americans
  • Guatemala
  • Hmong = Hmong Americans OR Asian American OR Hmong (Asian people)