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Culinology: Citing Sources

Citation Formatting

You will want to follow your instructor's expectations when choosing which citation format to use.  Students in the Culinology program are asked to use a specific citation style:

  • Scientific Style and Format: The CSE Manual for Authors, Editors, and Publishers, 7th ed. 
    Location: REF T11 .S386 2006

A copy of this manual is available at the Reference Desk and is for in-house use only.


The online catalog, MnPALS, as well as most of the databases provide shortcuts to citations. When you identify a book or article you'll likely use in your paper or speech, look for a shortcut to the citation for that resource.  It's usually there...and it can be a great time saver!

Note that the citations are not always 100% correct, but they are a good starting point and have the basic information you need to create a citation. Usually the errors have to do with capitalization, italics/underlining, or punctuation.  Double-check them!

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