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Nursing Program: Books, eBooks, Videos

Can You Access Books?

Yes, you most certainly can (and are encouraged to) access books to support your research!

Does it take a little more planning and a bit of effort on your part? Yep, it sure does. It will typically take us longer to get a book to you than it will articles, but books provide a different type of resource to support your research and should not be overlooked.

You would be responsible for getting the book back to us, of course. (See the Document Delivery tab for more info!)

American Nurse Video

The American Nurse is a film that explores some of the biggest issues facing America - aging, war, poverty, prisons - through the work and lives of fives nurses. You can access a streaming version of the film through the link below. You will need to log in with your StarID and password.

Print Books

Our online catalog is called MnPALS - it includes all the print books we own at SMSU, our audio-visual materials, government documents, the titles of the print periodicals we own (but not articles!!!), as well as our electronic book collection.

You can access MnPALS from the Library homepage via the Books-Catalog link on the library homepage. 

The default is to search just the SMSU collection, but you do have the ability to search many other colleges and universities in Minnesota. If you're not finding what you need in our collection, go ahead and search other libraries. Please ask if you have questions about how to do that!

MnPALS Catalog - searching for Books, Videos, Government Documents

Here is a shortcut to searching the MnPALS catalog.


As noted in the Catalog description, SMSU has eBooks that will come up in a MnPALS search. However, we also have a focused eBook Nursing Collection that you can search directly OR you can search our entire primary eBook collection that also includes nursing-related titles. Whew - lots of options, I know!

Need more eBook Info?

If you have questions about eBooks, check out the eBooks page linked under this Books/eBooks tab. There you'll find a more complete explanation (along with some video clips) about how to use eBooks.