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BIOL 306: Anatomy & Physiology: Types of Articles

Types of Scientific Articles

  Research   Review  News
Values & Uses

Describes experiment generally testing one hypothesis. Insightful analysis and commentary.

Summary of topic describing previously published research by many researchers. Current information and updates about topic.
Language and/or Format
Written as a lab report with a LONG title and usually with these sections: abstract, introduction, methods, results, discussion/conclusion, literature cited.   
Usually does not give much information about how experiments were performed. Summarizes findings.     
Authors & their Affiliation

Scientist/researcher who actually did the research; their affiliation will be given at beginning or end of article with brief biographical sketch.    


Researcher in science.   Science journalists or correspondents. Author did not do the experiments.


Usually peer-reviewed. Not peer-reviewed.
Sources Given


Literature review and list of sources.


Very long list of references. Few references, if any. Might be embedded in the article. 
Professional society or specific scientific publishers.
Professional society or specific scientific publishers. Commercial publishers.

Several graphs or tables of data.


Graphs or tables of data borrowed from cited articles or other sources. Photographs, often color, and few charts or graphs of data.