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Business Program - Distance Students: Find Library Sources Using OneSearch

Google Doesn't What?!?

Do you know one thing that Google DOES NOT search? 

Our McFarland Library databases!  Why not?  Because that is proprietary information--that means we paid for it, so they can't crawl it for free.  You, as students, have access to this great source of information.


OneSearch is a one-stop shop for searching library resources and is similar to Google being a one-stop shop for searching the Internet.  OneSearch searches both the online library catalog (e.g., books) and most of the library the databases (e.g., articles) simultaneously. 

Using OneSearch is a good option when:   

  • you aren't sure which database to use
  • your topic may be covered well in a number of databases
  • you are interested in seeing a variety of resources (e.g., books, newspaper articles, magazine articles, scholarly journals, etc.)

Try it!

Put a search term tor two in the box and see the variety of results you will get with OneSearch. Your results will open in a new tab.