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COMM 110 Essentials of Speaking and Listening: Source Evaluation

To Google, or Not to Google...

Well, why NOT?  We'd be lying to you if we claimed we didn't "Google stuff up"...

How to use Google a little more effectively:

  • search terms you need as a phrase in quotes, i.e. "math strategies", not math strategies
  • Use the Advanced search, and manipulate the date and domain feature (among others!)
  • Use the CRAAP test to evaluate what you are finding--just because it shows up on the first page doesn't mean it is the best information for your project!


SIFT Evaluation Videos

This is a short video series by Mike Caulfield that explores and demonstrates how he utilizes the SIFT method for source checking. 

Something to Think About

The evaluation tool introduced here is designed to be used with all types of resources. You  constantly need to be asking yourself the questions in the evaluation, regardless of the format of the material. We do put more emphasis on evaluating web sources, but each source you are going to use in your work should be evaluated with a critical eye. Don't just take what is written at face value; think about it.


SIFT Evaluation 

The SIFT method focuses on moves -- or things to do -- that ideally are built into habits, and then habits of mind. 


Investigate the source

Find trusted coverage

Trace to the original