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BIOL 306: Anatomy & Physiology: Books

Books & More at SMSU

When searching for books on your disease, keep the following tips in mind:

  1. You might not find an entire book on your specific disease.
  2. Think about the larger topic your disease falls into (e.g., ALS is a chronic disease, influenza is an infectious respiratory disease, etc.) and look within that area for information about your disease.
  3. Pay attention to the date of the book. Dated materials are relevant for historical information, but may not be as pertinent when addressing current treatments.
  4. If you pull the book from the shelf, be sure to look at the books around it as books are grouped by subject.

MnPALS Catalog - searching for Books, Videos, Government Documents

Here is a shortcut to searching the MnPALS catalog.

Searching for Books at Other Colleges

If you do not find a book in SMSU's collection, you are welcome and encouraged to borrow materials from other libraries. When searching in MnPALS, you'll want to change the drop-down menu that says Southwest Minnesota State University to All MnPALS Libraries (the very top choice in the list).  This will enable you to see resources on your topic at libraries throughout the state of Minnesota.  Materials can be interlibrary loaned for your use.