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THTR 100: Plays and Playwrights (S. Tabaka): What the CRAAP?!?


Evaluation Criteria

Currency: The timeliness of the information

Relevance: The importance of the information for your needs

Authority: The source of the information

Accuracy: The reliability, truthfulness and correctness of the content

Purpose: The reason the information exists

Evaluating Infomation - Applying the CRAAP Test

Example: Assignment #4

Ok.  I'm looking up biographical information on a playwright:  Stephen Schwartz.  I stuck his name in google, and now I'm going to CRAAP test a few websites that came up.  I'm rating each of the criteria on a scale of 1-10 (1 is lowest, 10 is highest).  I'm also rating them first for how good that website would be for using in writing a 2 page paper, then again for how good it would be for using for a 10 min power point presentation.                                      

Paper                     Power Point                                  Paper                         Power Point

C=   5                           5                                                C=    10                            10

R=   8                         10                                                R=      5                               7

Au= 5                            5                                                Au= 10                             10

Acc=8                           8                                                Acc=10                             10

P=    9      (to inform)   9                                                P=     6    (to sell book!)   6    

Total: 35                     37                                                         41                            43

See:  different websites (or books or articles) may have higher or lower ratings, depending on what your assignment is.  If you need visuals for a power point presentation, and your website doesn't have good images you can use, the R rating will be lower, even if the info is good.  It just doesn't fit the R (relevance) rating for your needs.  

CRAAP Evaluation