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THTR 100: Plays and Playwrights (S. Tabaka): Assignment #1


  • Due:  September 17th, 2023 by 12M.
  • Don't cite Wikipedia!
  • Always italicize the name of the play
  • Directors and actors are not your friends:  respectfully address them as "Mr." or "Ms.".


Searching OneSearch will bring back all types of resources: articles, journals, books, electronic books, videos, and government documents:

After conducting your search, use the filters on the left to narrow to specific resource types, locations, etc. 

Assignment #1: Play Timeline

Read your play and create a timeline of the play. Begin with the first action and follow through to the end of the play. You may use lines of dialogue to illustrate the action or summarize the event. Below is an example of the timeline of Romeo and Juliet.

Cite your source.  This would be your script information or your online site. e.g.:

Shakespeare, William. The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. New York: Washington Square Press, 1992.


Timeline of Romeo and Juliet (example)

1. State play, year and location.

2. The Prince/Chorus describes the background information of the two families (“Two households both alike in dignity, in fair Verona where we lay our scene).

3. Capulets and Montagues engage in a battle of words and fight (Sampson bites his thumb).

4. Peter can’t read the list given to him for the feast invites. He asks Romeo and Benvolio for assistance.

5. Romeo and Tybalt decide to go to the party. Romeo and Juliet meet,briefly.

6. At the party, Mercutio recognizes Romeo as a Montague.

7. Balcony scene.

8. Romeo and Juliet decide to marry.

9. Juliet confides in her Nurse.

10. Friar Lawrence agrees to marry the couple. The Nurse tells Juliet of the arrangement.

11. The couple meets with Friar Lawrence and they are married in secret.

12. The Capulets and Montagues young men meet and fight. Tybalt slays Mercutio and Romeo slays Tybalt. Romeo is banished.

13. The Nurse tells Juliet what has happened.

14. Friar Lawrence sends Romeo to be with Juliet.

15. Romeo and Juliet consecrate their marriage.

16. Paris and Capulet meet to discuss Paris marrying Juliet.

17. Juliet refuses and angers her father.

18. Friar Lawrence comes up with the plan to give Juliet a sleeping potion. It will appear that she has died. She will be set in the tomb. He’ll send word to Romeo. Romeo will come to the tomb. Then, the plan is that, they will both escape to Mantua.

19. Juliet takes the potion and all proceeds as planned.

20. The Messenger does not get the word to Romeo that this is a trick.

21. Romeo, thinking Juliet has died, visits and Apothecary to purchase poison to kill himself when he gets to the tomb.

22. Friar Lawrence finds out from Friar John that Romeo doesn’t know the plan. Friar Lawrence rushes to the tomb to comfort Juliet when she awakes.

23. Romeo shows up at the tomb and finds Juliet dead with Paris weeping/standing guard.

24. Romeo and Paris fight in the tomb. Romeo kills Paris.

25. Romeo goes to Juliet’s body. He kisses her then takes the poison.

26. Romeo dies. Juliet wakes.

27. She dismisses the Friar.

28. Juliet tries to kill herself with the poison but there is none left.

29. She, then, takes the dagger from Romeo and thrusts it into her body and dies.

30. Montagues and Capulets arrive and all see where their feud has led them.