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THTR 100: Plays and Playwrights (S. Tabaka): Assignment #3


  • Due:  March 27, 2022 by 12M.
  • Don't cite Wikipedia!
  • Always italicize the name of the play.
  • Directors and actors are not your friends:  respectfully address them as "Mr." or "Ms.".



Searching OneSearch will bring back all types of resources: articles, journals, books, electronic books, videos, and government documents:

After conducting your search, use the filters on the left to narrow to specific resource types, locations, etc. 

Where to start: Reference Collection

The following list has just a few of the items in the library that will work for your assignment--also, this list only features items available in the REFERENCE collection on 3rd floor.  Search the catalog (see Search OneSearch in the box above) to find books on fourth floor that can be checked out!

Assignment #3: Source Evaluation

Objective: This is a 2-part assignment. 1) Find information on your playwright and play; and 2) determine the accuracy of the information

Part One: Find

   a.  and cite 1 website (using Google, duh!)

   b.  and cite 1 article (using OneSearch, not Google)

   c.  and cite 1 newspaper article (using New York Times Historical database) that discusses the original Broadway opening of your play. This must be the opening night review article. 


For each, determine the reliability or trustworthiness of the source (the person who wrote it or the publication that printed it) by beginning to apply the SIFT method--

Stop and think

Investigate the source

Find the trusted coverage

Trace the original

FOR EACH Item you find (website, article, newspaper article):

  1. Cite the item (supplying the link is NOT considered a citation)
  2. list the author or publication
  3. list the author's job, education, expertise, or the publication's background
  4. explain why this information makes you feel the information in the publication is accurate/legitimate/trustworthy


  •  State the title of the play and year on the assignment
  • Include a picture/photograph of your person (playwright/director/etc.)





These databases (and these specific websites) are particularly helpful: