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THTR 100: Plays and Playwrights (S. Tabaka): Assignment #4


  • Due:  November 19th, 2023 at 12M.
  • Don't cite Wikipedia!
  • Always italicize the name of the play.
  • Directors and actors are not your friends:  respectfully refer to them as "Mr." or "Ms.".


Heads up:

You will be using these boards for your final presentation!

Don't forget!

  • Cite your sources
  • State Title of play and year on assignment


Assignment #4: Research Boards

Create research boards for either costumes or the set(s) for your production.

Research boards may be in one of the following formats:

  1. Poster board
  2. word doc submitted via dropbox
  3. Pinterest

Additionally, one picture must be a piece of classical artwork (not necessarily from the time period of your play) that conveys the mood your play strives to create.  This artwork must be found on a museum site (some links are provided as examples) and cited correctly.  Describe the mood you feel the artwork conveys.  This artwork may not be something you have drawn nor may it be a photograph.  Ask yourself: 

  • Does this picture remind me of the play? 
  • Does it feel like the play?


Print suggestions for photos of costumes or set

Website suggestions:

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Art Institute of Chicago


Minneapolis Institute of Art