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JUAD 144: Introduction to Justice & Society: Generate Ideas

Crime Report Assignment

Your Crime Report Assignment has three parts: (CHECK D2L FOR ASSIGNMENT DETAILS)

1)  Article.  Find a crime in the newspaper, reported on in the last 6 months.  Everyone needs their own article--if someone presenting ahead of you chooses your article, you have to find another article to present on!  Print the article. Don't cut it out of the Library's newspapers, or I'll be cranky and hunt you down. 

2)  Statute.  Locate the statute(s) that were mentioned in the article.

3)  Critique.  Write a critique of the article you found--what other information would have been useful to know?

Helpful Suggestions:

  • The physical newspaper can be faster to use than that the database!
  • USE THE DATABASE from the McFarland Library A-Z databases list and NOT .com does not have the citation feature.
  • Choose a Minnesota crime.  Different states don't necessarily call statutes 'statutes', and it can be difficult to locate this information.  Librarians may need to refer you to that state's State Law Library, and you will need to make calls/inquiries on your own. 
  • Or don't.  I'm not the boss of you.  You may have some free time you are trying to eat up and actually WANT to spend more time on this assignment. 

Criminal Charges - FindLaw

From the award-winning FindLaw site, this section contains information on the major types of crimes, including homicide, drug charges and sex crimes.


* Take note of the terminology used. Take a minute to read the description, if provided.

* You are not limited to using this site or the crimes listed; it's just a suggested starting point if you're stuck!