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ENG 251: Writing in Professions: Career Information

Career Information Websites

The recommended websites will provide you with:

1) background information for your chosen career

2) a glimpse at the outlook of the profession

3) links to relevant associations and organizations

You are using these to gather clues and get ideas about your profession.

Your Interview

If you are required to conduct an interview for this class, be sure to hone in on issues, trends, concerns that your interviewee talks about. Ask him what are the 2-3 biggest issues or trends he currently sees in the profession. Ask her what journals she reads and strategies for keeping current on news in the field.

Occupational Outlook Handbook

Additional Career Resource Sites


Whether you learn about an association website through an interview, an Internet search, or the recommended career websites, be sure to take full advantage of what you can glean from the association sites.

Look for areas such as:

  • Issues
  • Advocacy
  • Hot Topics

Also look for:

  • Conference Programs or Proceedings
     Many times the sessions offered at a conference closely mirror the trends of that profession.
  • Publications
    Does the association/organization have a professional journal? A weekly trade publication? A news feed?  These are all places to read about trends and issues in a field.