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ENG 251: Writing in Professions: Finding Articles

Choosing a Database

When you're looking for articles about your chosen issue, topic, or trend, it's important to be searching in the appropriate database. How do you know which one to choose?  Sometimes the title of the database gives you a clue (e.g., Educator's Reference Complete is likely to include articles about teaching), but sometimes it's not helpful at all (e.g., Expanded Academic ASAP). See the Databases by Topic tab for suggested databases by broad discipline area.

Some databases are "all-encompassing" meaning they have articles from all different types of disciplines in them.  Everyone could try searching in these two databases:

Video Clip

 To see an example search strategy, and how a librarian might guide you through a search, please watch this short video:

Please Ask

The two general databases are good starting places, but those are not the only options. Please ask a librarian if you're not certain or aren't having luck in the first couple of databases you try. Sometimes another database could be better for your topic; sometimes a different search strategy needs to be developed. Either way, a librarian can help you.

Video Transcript

If you are unable to view the video (or prefer a written version), the transcript is available here: