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Art History: Books and Articles

Search for academic and general/popular magazines

You have several choices in finding academic journals:

OneSearch (the big search box on the SMSU Library's homepage)

Individual databases (easier to sort through-- if you have a good sense of your topic, go to one or all of these):

Finding books on the shelf

If you want to browse for books on the 4th floor of the library, check out this list of where you can find the subject of your choice.

When you find a book in the catalog that you want to get your hands on, note:

  • the location of the book-- which floor is it on?
  • the call number
  • whether or not it's available 

Once you have that information in hand, find the book on the shelf. 

If you haven't found a book in an academic library before, take a look at this guide to the Library of Congress Classification System (what we use to organize our books) before venturing upstairs. Be patient with yourself-- it's a little bit tricky to use this system at first if you're not used to it.

Still not finding the book? Ask one of the reference librarians. 

Good luck!