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Management Program: Evaluating Resources

Something to Think About

The evaluation method introduced here can be used with all types of resources, but was designed with the digital environment in mind. You  constantly need to be asking yourself questions in the evaluation process, regardless of the format of the material. We do put more emphasis on evaluating web sources, but each source you are going to use in your work should be evaluated with a critical eye with an emphasis on the source (author/publisher). 

This is true for resources you find through the library. Most of us do not know specific authors or journals -- the SIFT method asks us to do some investigating to see what we can learn about the authors and journal/publication rather than just assuming "it must be good because it's published."

SIFT Evaluation Videos

This is a short video series by Mike Caulfield that explores and demonstrates how he utilizes the SIFT method for source checking. 


SIFT Evaluation 

The SIFT method focuses on moves -- or things to do -- that ideally are built into habits, and then habits of mind. 


Investigate the source

Find trusted coverage

Trace to the original