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Management Program: Census Research

Government Information

The United States Government distributes materials in a variety of formats, including electronic, CD, microfiche, and paper. As part of its publishing program, the U.S. Government distributes certain Government documents free of cost to designated libraries throughout the United States and its territories, and the McFarland Library here at SMSU is one of these Government Document Respositories.

If you need help utilizing government information, please consult our research guide on this topic or ask a librarian.

Census Resources

Use the databases and websites listed below to conduct census research.


Statista is a great database for finding statistics and infographics on many different topics that can serve as informative and attractive additions to PowerPoints, websites, and other various projects.

Mergent Intellect

Mergent Intellect is a great resource to find demographic information on age, income levels, population breakdowns, etc.