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Faculty Information: Checking Materials Out

Need Your ID card?

When checking materials out at the Circulation Desk, the process goes more quickly if you have your Mustang ID card available to scan. If not, we can look up your account by your last name.

Primarily we have students working at the Circulation Desk and they may not know you. Don't be offended when they ask who you are :)

Length of Loans

Faculty members check out materials for 4-months at a time.  Materials can be renewed twice. 

Overdue notices are sent to faculty if items are not renewed or returned.  If materials are not returned, a library billing notice can be sent.  Charges are then sent to SMSU's Business Services and actual bills will be sent. 

For most Library items the charge is replacement cost and $10 for processing per item.  The faculty member's record may be blocked when a total charge of $220 is accrued.

All charges are waived when the item is returned.

Contact Caitlyn Sanow, Circulation Supervisor, 537-6688 or Māra Wiggins, University Librarian, 537-6134 with questions or concerns.