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Faculty Information: Discovery: The SMSU Journal of Undergraduate Research


Discovery: The SMSU Journal of Undergraduate Research published by Southwest Minnesota State University (SMSU) is an annual peer-reviewed publication of original research articles written by SMSU undergraduates from all academic fields. Discovery’s mission is to foster intellectual creativity and provide SMSU undergraduates a forum for the exchange of ideas and research.  

Types of articles accepted for publication include original research and perspective articles. Original research articles identify motivations for research, highlight relevant literature, indicate methods utilized, and share experimental data, discussion, and conclusions. Perspective articles are not based on primary data but rather active scholarly thinking in which the author invites further discussions on a topic of interest through literature synthesis, analysis, or novelty of insight.

Discovery does not publish fiction, creative non-fiction, or poetry (see SMSU’s Perceptions publication for those genres).

More details about Discovery are on the library website. Questions should be directed to Discovery editor Pam Gladis at or 507/537-6813.