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Faculty Information: Center for Online Learning and Teaching


The Center for Online Learning and Teaching (COLT) is a University initiative focused on supporting faculty in three areas:

  1. Utilization of technology tools
  2. Instructional design
  3. Program development

Support Services

The Center provides support in each of the three areas above utilizing existing University personnel resources.  These resources include these offices:

  • Library
  • Media Creation Lab
  • Technology Resource Center
  • Office of Extended Learning & Academic Outreach

Support Topics

Examples of topics for which support can be provided is below:

  1. Utilization of online education technology tools:
    1. Kaltura Media Space
    2. D2L Brightspace
    3. Zoom
    4. Classroom technology (e.g., Airtame, Smartboards) and use in hybrid classrooms
    5. Media creation
    6. Contracts & purchasing
    7. Accessibility/ Captioning
    8. Office365 applications (e.g., Team, OneNote)
    9. Virtual Reality
  2. Instructional design
    1. Active Learning
    2. Best practices with course design
    3. Use of OER in courses
  3. Administrative Support for Program Development 
    1. Market analysis
    2. Partnership development
    3. Articulation agreements
    4. Transfer course(s) acceptance
  4. General Consultation - Do you have many questions on how to get started with online courses? Just choose this option on the form and list some of your questions.

Schedule Support

Consultations on these topics can also be scheduled by appointment via this electronic form:

Center for Online Learning and Teaching Support Request