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Faculty Information: Request Interlibrary Loan

Contact ILL

Office hours: weekdays 8:30am-4:00pm

507-537-6127 (Conni)
507-537-6165 (Maria)


SMSU McFarland Library-Interlibrary Loan
Southwest Minnesota State University
1501 State St.
Marshall, MN 56258

ILL Technician


Conni Stensrud
BA 303
email Conni

Scope: What services are provided?

Interlibrary loan requests can be placed for items that are

  • not available in SMSU Library collections OR
  • owned by SMSU but checked out or missing.

If you're requesting something that is owned by SMSU but is not available, please write this in the "notes" field of your request.

For more information, please see the SMSU Interlibrary Loan webpage.

Requesting copies of articles or book chapters

The FASTEST way to obtain an article via Interlibrary Loan:

Use an individual database and LinkManager Search for Full Text...

1. Use an individual database to search for articles through the Subject Guide to Databases, a Research Guide, or the A-Z List of Databases.
2. When you find a citation for an article you want, look for a link to html or PDF full text. If you don't see either of those, click LinkManager Search for Full Text.
3.  If you can access the article electronically, you'll be linked to the full text.
4.  If SMSU owns the article in print, you'll see a link to the catalog telling you the location of the journal.
5.  If there is no electronic access and SMSU doesn't own the journal, follow the link to log in to SMSU Interlibrary Loan. Use your 14-digit barcode number as your login and your last name as your password.
6.  A completed form for the article you are requesting will appear. Click "Submit."

If an article is available electronically, you will be notified via your SMSU email. The subject line will read "Your Interlibrary Loan Material." This email will include a link to the website the article is posted to, along with login information necessary to retrieve the article. You will be able to view the article 5 times or for 7 days after the email notification, whichever comes first.  

Otherwise, you will receive an automated email arrival  notification letter stating that the item you requested is ready for you to pick up at the SMSU Library Circulation Desk.

Requesting books and other physical items

The FASTEST way to obtain a book, film, or CD via SMSU Interlibrary Loan:
Use the library catalog and Request!

1.  Search the SMSU Library Catalog.
2.  If you don't find your book, use the dropdown menu beneath the search box to extend your search to "All Libraries."
3.  Click the title. Under "Request Item," click on the link to log in using your 14-digit barcode number (starting 20103...) and your password (your last name).
4.  Once you've logged in, click "Request."
5.  A filled-in form will pop up.  Click "Submit," and your request is sent!

You will receive an automated email notification letter stating that the item you requested is ready for you to pick up at the SMSU Library Circulation Desk.

You may also request books via the MnLink library catalog using your SMSU barcode and password.